In Scalefocus, we are the pioneers and trendsetters of FUNdraising with our annual IT Beards campaign. That means IT Beards is not actually about who has the coolest-looking beard on the block. Even though – let’s face it, men with beards do look good 😉

In our fifth year, we are going beyond the Movember and men’s health cause and taking care of the most vulnerable ones.

In 2022 we join efforts with

The “Our Premature Children” Foundation was created to support premature children and their families. Their goals include: Improving the environment in neonatology units, Working directly with the families of premature babies and newborns with poor health, and Follow-up on the development of premature babies by a multidisciplinary team of specialists. Their mission is to ensure fewer premature births, more surviving and healthy premature babies, and more relaxed and informed parents.

BCause Foundation has over 25 years of experience promoting and supporting donation causes. It offers companies and people a choice of important causes to contribute to and support. The Foundation’s end goal is to contribute to the financial and organizational strengthening of civil society organizations and public institutions such as schools, libraries, and museums.

The school for rehabilitating visually impaired children and youth “Dimitar Vlahov”, Skopje has existed for 67 years. Its mission and vision are to educate and rehabilitate visually impaired children and youth to the point of independence for their professional and personal life. The ultimate goal is to integrate these children into all social life and activity spheres. All this is achieved through following primary school, music school, and secondary vocational education. The school nurtures mutual respect, equality, safety, motivation, and ethnic tolerance.

Currently, the school needs renovations; one area is in front of the entrance to the dining аrеа that needs replacement with new tiles, sinks, and faucets.