IT Beards is not about who has the coolest looking beard on the block. Even though – let’s face it, men with beards look good.

In 2020, IT Beards will bring awareness to an illness that makes a lot of people struggle. With this initiative, we support through donation the WIN OVER CANCER Foundation. Established in 2018 as a non-profit legal entity for public benefit; the main goal of the foundation is to educate and raise the culture of the society in the field of health and healthcare.

Bulgarian oncology patients, as well as their relatives, do not have enough if any, information about oncological diseases. This directly reflects on treatment success, survival, and life expectancy after cancer. The lack of timely prophylaxis and prevention is among the main reasons for the high mortality of cancer patients in Bulgaria.

This year, the WIN OVER CANCER Foundation is partnering with Scalefocus in IT Beards, the online race in which IT men grow their beards to get votes. Every vote is given through donation, and every donation is going towards the prevention and cure of prostate cancer.

Аll raised donations will be used for organizing and conducting prophylactic prostate cancer examinations in 2021.

You can learn more about the foundation HERE.