IT Beards is not about who has the coolest looking beard on the block. Even though – let’s face it, men with beards look good.
IT Beards is about bringing awareness to an illness that makes a lot of children struggle to live and keep their spirit and their self-esteem while losing their hair and a lot of other things. 
With this initiative, we support through donation the Association “Children with Oncohematologic Diseases”

This parent organization, created in 2010, is aimed at supporting children with cancer and their families. One of their biggest goals is to develop a rehabilitation center for the children suffering from the disease. This center would be first of its kind in Bulgaria and eight in the world. 

By encouraging the men in the IT community to grow their facial hair (as a homage to all the children losing theirs in cancer treatments), IT Beards aims to increase the quality of life of these children by direct donations and raising awareness through this campaign. 

At ScaleFocus we believe that united fronts bring the most success. We’ve started IT Beards as a nationwide initiative to bring people in the IT community together, grow beards and awareness and donate. 

 So, let’s Beard IT up.