It doesn’t matter if it’s a mustache or a beard. It doesn’t matter if you have stubble or a really thick one. All that matters is you’ve joined the cause. And here are the steps to participate. 

You can participate in two ways: 

  1. Register аs an active participant.
    Using your mail, register as an active participant by uploading a photo of your beard. Share your beard progress with a new photo every week to win the people’s votes. You can enroll with a picture until the 10th of November.
  2. Register as a benefactor.
    You don’t need to grow a beard to help the cause. Simply register and buy а bundle of 5, 10, 25 or more points. They allow you to vote for your favorite participant in the IT Beards race. Your bought bundle votes will directly go to the Association “Children with Oncohematologic Diseases”. Voting opens on the 4th of November.

Rules for participants

Congrats! You are already a part of the bearded gentlemen’s community! The steps you have to follow from now on are pretty simple:

Step 1 – Do not shave your beard/mustache. Only a little trimming/styling is allowed.

Step 2 – Show off your progress each week by uploading a photo for the respective period (it is possible to upload only one in one week, so choose wisely your beardiful day).

Step 3 – Repeat step 2 until the 1st of December.

Step 4 –  Shave Day or Just another day growing your beard – On 1st of December, you can finally shave! … Or not! 

Vote & Donate as benefactor

You vote by buying bundles of points for a chosen sum.  Еаch bought bundle directly goes to the Association “Children with Oncohematologic Diseases”.

Step 1 – Buy points bundle- 5, 1025, 60, 100, 250 or 500 points 

Step 2 – Choose the photo of the most stylish, coolest participant 

Step 3 – Look through his gallery and press “Vote” 

Good job! Your vote has just turned into a donation! It is as simple as that! 

Did you like the feeling? Continue voting generously until the end of the day on 01.12.2019 

Let’s play!

Step 1: Log in with your credentials

Step 2: Browse through the different beardiful participants and search for hidden beards/mustaches

Step 3: If you find one, click on it as fast as you can – this will get you 3 voting points

For each day there will be 10 different concealed beards giving you 3 points each. A very special one will be hidden, everyone who finds it will be rewarded with 10 voting points. Let the hunt begin!